Tuesday, November 11, 2014

More on the 1938B Mac-Key

According to tracking I will get the Mac-Key tomorrow 11/12/14 (my son’s birthday!). The seller on eBay was reluctant to provide his call sign because he said he had been inactive in the hobby for years, and he did not recall the call sign of the man he got the key from.
Tom French,W1IMQ did confirm it was a 1938B Mac-Key and that it had a replacement paddle, and the one piece brass pendulum weight is not original either. The Mac-Keys had 2 weights right next to each other. From what I learned from the seller, these two changes in the key were made prior to him acquiring the key. So, for the key's history sake I will leave it unchanged for now.

I would be hard pressed to locate an original paddle and weight anyway, unless I found a very poor condition “parts” key to get them from.
Tom French, W1IMQ did add the key to his database of known Mac-Keys and you will find the following entry  listed on his page by order of date and serial number by clicking below;

"1938B 2000 deluxe, thin dot stab, ckt closer. wrong paddle & weight. (ebay nov 2014)" 


Moore Later,
Tom, K2BEW

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